Bringing Homeowners & Contractors Together Seamlessly
Product type
SaaS & Marketplace
5 weeks
  • Figma design
  • Clickable prototype 
  • Fast-development 
  • Developed on
  • Website Creation
  • Stripe & Open AI API integration.
  • Connected to other apps.
  • Admin panel
  • Web App 
  • Mobile App Design
About the project

The client came to us with a vision: he wanted to create an online marketplace to solve the disconnect between homeowners and contractors in the home improvement industry. He had a concept, but needed our expertise to bring it to life.

The problem

We jumped right in, designing the UI/UX on Figma to give the client a high-fidelity prototype of what the end product would look like. We then developed the entire platform on, ensuring it was fully customized to meet the specific needs of both homeowners and contractors.

Our solution

Enter Homeezy Pro. Created in 6 weeks, this platform was designed to simplify the contractor-homeowner relationship. Contractors now have a dedicated space to present their services, manage their schedules, and interact with clients. Homeowners can effortlessly browse, compare, and hire professionals based on reviews, expertise, and availability. The platform's easy-to-use features ensure that both parties have a seamless experience, from project conception to completion.


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