Revolutionizing Home Renovations with Digital Ease
Home Renovation
Product type
3 weeks
  • Figma design
  • Clickable prototype 
  • Fast-development 
  • Developed on
  • Website Creation
  • Stripe & Open AI API integration.
  • Connected to other apps.
  • Admin panel
About the project

Homeezy approached us with a multifaceted challenge: to design a seamless user experience, create a prototype, build a website for user sign-ups, and develop a web app tailored for homeowners. This was an extension of our previous work on Homeezy Pro, an app designed for general contractors. Homeezy aimed to create a marketplace where homeowners could effortlessly post their projects and receive quotes from multiple general contractors, complete with profiles, reviews, and past work.

The problem

Homeezy's vision was to offer a user-friendly, efficient, and interconnected platform for both homeowners and general contractors. The catch? They needed it done quickly to gain a competitive edge.

Our solution

We took Homeezy's unique requirements and delivered a one-stop solution in record time. From designing the UI/UX in Figma to building the app on Bubble and the website, we got everything up and running in just 3 weeks.


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